Dancing In My Nuddy Pants by Louise Rennison

November 9, 2007

Title: Dancing in my Nuddy Pants

Author: Louise Rennison

Number of Pages: 206.
Rating: 3 out of 5.

It was: blawsome.    
Fourth book in Georgia Nicolson series. To me, this book was semi-good. They are declining. Maybe it’s because I remember what is gonna happen in the story (I’ve read these before) or I don’t know. But whatever it is, I am finding the story rather whatever.
The storyline went along about Georgia now being the official girlfriend of the Sex God, Robbie. She is very happy. She is ecstatic that now she can see him at his gigs and “show herself off.” The question is… if she is so happy about this then why does she keep kissing Dave the Laugh “accidentally”? She discovers she has a big red bottom (not literally), like Naomi the sex minx kitty. She stops asking herself if to go with Dave or Robbie as she picks Robbie. She doesn’t tell Robbie much and gets jelloid in the knees when she’s around him. Is that how its supposed to be when you’re with your boyfriend? Georgia doesn’t believe so… Mrs. Rennison does give you clues on that she has feelings for Dave (and therefore has the General Horn[read the book to understand]).
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Dave the L is still going out with Ellen though. He is only doing so because he feel sorry and terminently breaks up with her. That is when everything goes upside down. Robbie reveals that he isn’t on the path to become a popstar anymore, he is going to Kiwi-a-go-go-land(!) for a year to some ecological thing,leaving Georgia. Very sad, Georgia goes into depression mode. Robbie and her “break up” because of his moving away. Georgia begins to look at things in a different way, maybe God (yes, she still believes in him… not Buddha) did this so she could use her red bottom wisely and have the General or Cosmic Horn proudly. She and Dave kiss a couple more times. She travels to France and sorta likes her French teacher (RED-BOTTOM ALERT!) She is captain of the hockey team (haha Wet Lindsay), but it gets taken away from her when she was trying to cheer Rosie up because her boyfriend (Sven) is leaving to Sweden for a month. More trouble at home with the new kitties, Mutti and Vati are mad at each other for a while, Libby makes things out of tampons. Normal things.

I look forward to reading the next book since I have not read it before. However, I want her to get with Dave… he seems like a very good guy. He’s good looking and she can ACTUALLY speak sense with him. I know Masimo is coming up soon(I read the 6th book) so yeah.
Yummy scrumboes. Very necessary to continue the story. Not horrible.

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