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Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult

December 13, 2007

Title: Nineteen Minutes

Author: Jodi Picoult

Number of Pages: 465.
Rating: 5 out of 5.
It took me: 6 days.

It was: awesome!

Nineteen Minutes was one heck of a book.

Josie Cormier is a junior at Sterling High School and is part of the “popular” posse. Her friends are all popular and pretty, and seem to pull it off so well. But Josie hates it. She’s always feeling as if she’s going to fall from the latter one of these days. Meanwhile, we encounter Peter Houghton. He is also a junior, and he used to know Josie pretty well. They used to be best friends from nursery school until 6th grade. That’s when Josie began hanging out with the cool people and stopped talking to Peter. Peter has always been delicate since birth, causing him to be the prime child in his class to get picked on-daily. He shelters out in the world of game-programming, which he is skilled at. Even though outside he feels safer he is not really; inside school he is bullied uncontrollably for years. That is, until he does the unthinkable for the town of Sterling.

Killing 10 students, wounding 19 others; Peter is taken to jail. Why did he do it? That is answered in this court-room drama. His lawyer, Jordan McAfee has one in-the-toilet case, and the prosecution is thriving. But, with a surprise twist in the end that will keep your mouth open it is definitely not what you think. This is told in third-person flashback to the days when Peter was in the sandbox and how it all began all the way to the actual day. All the characters- Josie, Josie’s mom Alex, Detective Ducharme, Peter’s mother and father, all compile to trying to acknowledge what caused this catastrophe. What I mean is that this does not all have to do with Peter… it deals Judge Cormier, Lacy Houghton, Josie and the cool posse, and how their lives correlate to this unbelievable story. In the end, you will cry, not because of the circumstances or the outcome, but because you wish there was more to read; you wish there was more to make it all better. (In my opinion, this story is better than My Sister’s Keeper.) This is a outstanding read, no doubt.