Size 14 Is Not Fat Either by Meg Cabot

December 18, 2007

Title: Size 14 is Not Fat Either

Author: Meg Cabot

Number of Pages: 343.
Rating: 3 ½ out of 5.

It was: blawsome.

Meg Cabot book, Size 12 is Not Fat is its predecessor (you don’t really need that book to understand this one though). It’s about a late 20-something year old who is a washed up pop star– maybe that’s why everyone always says “You know who you look like? Heather Wells… just thinner.” Enter Heather Wells, assistant director at New YorkCollege’s Fischer Hall—it’s not a dormitory, it’s a residence hall. This is a mystery novel so no doubt there was a decapitated cheerleader somewhere in it. Lindsay Combs’ head was found in a pot in the school’s cafeteria. And no doubt, Heather plays detective once again even though about 1,000 people tell her not to… specifically Cooper, Heather’s landlord, and Heather’s dream: date/boyfriend/husband. Cooper, an investigator himself, doesn’t feel that way though, or so he shows. Heather Wells is your average American at a size 12 (or 14, after all those Dove Bars she keeps eating). She takes it up on her sleeve to catch Lindsay’s killer because whoever it was may strike again.

Heather doesn’t necessarily have a family, until her ex-con dad shows up… and moves in with her and Cooper. Well, blood related I mean. She has lots of family at school, the neighborhood, and so on. They consist of: Reggie, the drug dealer in her street; Magda, her dramatic friend from work; Tom, her new director at Fischer Hall (who she actually likes, taking into consideration what happened in Size 12). She needs to get caught up in the manhunt since the police aren’t doing anything, right? She finds Wasser Hall has a fraternity… out of control. Does it have to do with Lindsay? Or is it what Lindsay’s friend said about a certain school official that has to do with Lindsay?

Whatever it is, Heather’s life is certainly on line… again.

(This book didn’t get good after about 100-something pages. The third book, Big Boned, is the follow up.)

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