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What Happened To Cass McBride? by Gail Giles

January 7, 2008

Title: What Happened To Cass McBride?

Author: Gail Giles

Number of Pages: 211 (small, though).

Rating: 3 ½ out of 5.
It was: blawsome.
Cass McBride, 17, girl, popular– has a problem. She has been taken from her home and ultimately been buried alive. Underground… in a crate grave. She has a tube to let her breath and a walkie-talkie taped to her hand. She is in that grave because according to Kyle Kirby, she needs to pay for the suicide his brother committed that he thinks she is the cause for. David Kirby hung himself a day after he found a note, by mistake, that Cass left behind for her friend saying he was gay, low in the food chain, etc. Kyle “tortures” Cass by keeping her down there. Cass decides what to do to get out. She will use what she knows can get her places–her mouth. She and Kyle start talking. And she knows how to do it well to a point where he cracks and loses control. He talks about how his mom was always yelling at David and him, mostly David because he looked like their dad who is never around anymore. Mrs. Kirby is not a happy lady apparently, and she’s very mean to her sons. Cass makes it clear that that’s why David killed himself and manages to get some water from Kyle.   

Ben is a detective assigned to the case. He digs down through Cass’ history. She knows how to get what she wants, very determined, she got that from her dad. Her mom lives in another state and they don’t talk. Cass’s boyfriend isn’t really her boyfriend, just a way for her to get more votes for Homecoming queen. Her best friend is just there. Cass makes other people feel bad to make her feel good, she reveals. Anyhow, this is a good book. Its so easy to read and straight to the point. It’s told in three different points of view.
Lots of family drama…. good.