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Hot Mess: Summer in the City by Julie Kraut and Shallon Lester

July 24, 2008

Title: Hot Mess: Summer in the City

Author: Julie Kraut & Shallon Lester
Number of Pages: 336, paperback.
Released: ’08.
Rating: 4 out of 5.
It was: AWESOME.
The perfect: summer read.
Summary: Emma Freeman has her summer planned out. She’s going to lifeguard with her boyfriend. This doesn’t stay the plan due to her boyfriend’s lack of faith when he goes to his college orientation, another girl answers his phone. Now Emma has to switch plans, taking the summer internship her dad had been nudging at her for a while. She takes her best friend, Rachel, along and they head to the city. As in… New York City. They must find a place to stay for 2 months and end up living with Jayla, a super glam girl who’s probably kissed more A-Listers than you can think of. However, Emma’s job is not so glam. Her boss, Derek Dorfman, is a nightmare. He recites 90s rap songs and asks Emma things like “are you sad because you don’t have a boyfriend?” even though he doesn’t know anything about her life. Out of this, Rachel thinks of the idea that she should write a book about her crazy boss. No summer read is finished without some love, so Emma meets a guy at a club named Colin who she ends up lying to for a long while about her age and her job (she really has no actual job, she’s an intern). This summer isn’t coming out to be what she planned, becoming a hot mess… but in its own way its everything she wanted it to be.
My Thoughts (may contain spoilers): Such a cute summer read. I really liked it a lot and couldn’t stop readin–on the subway, bus, my mom’s apartment. I really liked Colin and didn’t like how Emma lied to him. It was funny, mostly. I’m not easily made to laugh from a book but it got me more than twice. Derek Dorfman wasn’t that incredibly funny. Whenever Emma told her stories to Rachel and Jayla I didn’t think they were that book-worthy. Jayla was great, even though she was a little over-dramatic with the Carter thing. I’m glad for Jake. I think Rachel got annoying… with all her JDates and stuff. I liked the ending… it was nice that she got something out of the summer. Again, cute, light, summer read.