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Lost It by Kristen Tracy

August 10, 2008

Title: Lost It

Author: Kristen Tracy
Released: January 2007.
Number of Pages: 276.
Edition: Paperback.
Rating: 4 ½ out of 5.
It was: awesome!
Summary: Tess Whistle lives in boring Idaho. However, this year as she enters high school as a junior everything is spiraling out of control. Tess’s best friend Zena is building a bomb and planning on blowing up a poodle… seriously. Tess’s mom and dad are “born-again” when taking a course at a survival camp in the middle of nowhere. Also, Tess’s grandma begins being her primary caregiver, and she’s kind-of-not-normal… I mean, she bought Tess sexy underwear. Grandmas don’t normally do that, do they? The only thing that Tess is liking during this bizarre time is her time with Ben. Benjamin Easter and his great-looking butt have become necessary for Tess. With her first real boyfriend, she is getting more and more serious with physically, Tess will wonder through unknown territory. Can she handle it? Or will she lose it?
My Thoughts (may contain spoilers): Tess is a super cool character, first of all. She is so out there and so free-spirited. I loved the capuchin monkey idea she uses with Ben in the book. Tess’s grandma is really cool, my grandma is most definitely not like that. I didn’t like Tess’s parents. The physical part of the book is good because seldom books go through it so well-written. No curse words, no disrespect. I truly felt that Tess and Ben’s relationship was true love. I really wish Tess wouldn’t have told that lie. Zena was very wise at the end, you can tell she grew when she was taken to her aunt’s house. I wonder what happened at the end of the book… it was such a cliffhanger. I loved the book, no doubt. I recommend it.