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Booking Through Thursday (8.14.08): Gold Medal Reading

August 14, 2008


Yay! This is my first post for Booking Through Thursday. Here goes (answers in purple): 

You, um, may have noticed that the Olympics are going on right now, so that’s the genesis of this week’s question, in two parts:


  • Do you or have you ever read books about the Olympics? About sports in general? No, actually I haven’t. I am not much for a sports-y book (or at least, haven’t found a good one).
  • Fictional ones? Or non-fiction? Or both? Neither.

And, Second:

  • Do you consider yourself a sports fan? Yes, but it depends on the sport. I like most sports including basketball–always a Detroit Pistons fan, gymnastics, football, and swimming (to watch by the way). To actually do, I can only say anything with running (track & field) because that’s something I’m quite good at. The Olympics are something I’ve never watched so closely before (I was probably too young to care 4 years ago at age 11) but at the moment its something I watch everyday. I love the Women’s USA gymnastics team and am soooo rooting for Shawn Johnson (and Nastia Luikin, I guess) today on the gymnastics all-around. So yeah… GO SHAWN! (And Nastia!) 
  • Because, of course, if you’re a rabid fan and read about sports constantly, there’s a logic there; if you hate sports and never read anything sports-related, that, too … but you don’t have to love sports to enjoy a good sports story. I agree on this, but have never found a good sports story. However I have heard of some, like Screwball by Keri Mikulski and Play Me by Laura Ruby, I just guess I never picked one up. Yet.
  • (Or a good sports movie, for that matter. Feel free to expand this into a discussion about “Friday Night Lights” or “The Natural” or whatever…) Well, sports movies I can say I’ve watched… Remember The Titans, The Longest Yard (Adam Sandler is so funny), Rudy (inspiring), Gridiron Gang (okay), The Game Plan (which sucked), Talladega Nights (which was weird but funny), Coach Carter (wow, I loved that movie), Kingpin (ahh, so old but great), Like Mike (I loved this movie when I was smaller), Annapolis (I loved James Franco in this one), Ice Princess (so girly and cute). Wow, you made me research all these sports movies… I wanna watch them now.

Have any good sports-y YA books that were great for you? Tell me about them in a comment!
Till next week….. 🙂

Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott

August 14, 2008

Title: Perfect You

Author: Elizabeth Scott
Released: March 2008
Rating: ★★★★ out of 5.
Number of Pages: 282
Edition: Paperback
Summary: Kate Brown’s life is spiraling out of control. First, her dad quit his job to sell Perfect You vitamins and now she has to work at the mall. Her best friend Anna, became popular and now acts like Kate doesn’t exist to hang out with her new friends. Kate’s brother is 23 and his job is crashing the couch. And, even though Kate will not admit it, she can’t stop thinking about Will. Will, who is so cute, but also has hooked up with almost everyone in their school. Kate thinks Will is just messing with her mind. Kate’s life is nothing like it was the year before and she wishes she could go back in time to when everything was alright. However, she can’t. Kate keeps expecting the worse out of life, and guess what? That’s what she’s getting… unless she changes it.
My Review (spoiler-free): Heartwarming, lamentable, and a good read. The beginning was amazing. The ending was amazing… like utterly amazing. Part of the middle wasn’t 100% amazing. This book is about friendships: I felt really sad every time Kate tried to talk to Anna and she’d notice that Anna was trying not to be seen with her. It must hurt very much to be losing a friend, especially a best friend that you’ve been talking to since grade school. This book is about love: I loved Will and Kate’s way of flirting… Kate tries to act like she doesn’t care when in her mind she’s dying to kiss him. I wish they got more scenes together in the book, though. This book is about families too: Kate’s mom and dad really made everything so much more unbelievable and dramatic in Kate’s life (wow, Kate’s dad is embarrassing). I loved Todd’s character, he’s so lazy and laid-back but has good advice. Grandma seems like the most immature of all the characters but still I think she holds the fort down. I do recommend this book, despite this, I still liked Bloom better.
My Thoughts (read this if you’ve read the book, it contains spoilers): I can’t believe parts of this book. First, I was so mad at Anna most of the book. How does she like being popular when Sam is cheating on her and Diane and Tara are annoying? It made me think how great it is to not be popular. Kate is really strong. She went through a lot in the book. The ending… wow I felt aghast. I can’t believe Kate’s mom and dad separated, it was just such a shocker and made this book much less light. I really liked her dad in the beginning, but he did choose Perfect You over them… what’s up with that? The only thing that came out of good in this book is Will and Kate. I loved their chemistry and how Will was going through some of the same things Kate was. I wish there could’ve been more of them in the book. They got 20,000 make-out sessions and only one real talk. I thought it would’ve been a more love-book, instead of a family and friend-drama + the boy stuff. But it was still a good read. Can’t wait to read Stealing Heaven!
Got something to say about the book? Comment this entry! Please remember to warn readers in your comments if your comment has spoilers by putting a simple *SPOILERS ahead* in the comment. 🙂