Teen Tuesday (8.19.08): Oh, Thank You Not-So-Mighty Tropical Storm Fay (Vanessa)

August 19, 2008


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Hiya guys!

I had an okay reading week. I got through two semi-long books. However, this was only possible because of Tropical Storm Fay hitting us with a little bit of rain and the first two days of school becoming days of no-school (what a way to start of the year…).

Book number one: Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott. I liked it a lot. I just thought it would be more omg-I-can’t-stop-reading it like I was with Bloom but nonetheless it was great. There’s lots of family and friend drama there with a touch of romance. Click here for the review.

The next book I read would be When It Happens by Susane Colasanti.
This book was EXCEPTIONALLY AMAZING. I loved it completely. This is my type of love story. Basically it’s filled with romance from beginning to end and a tad of friendships/family and drama. My review is here. I loved the main characters: Sara and Tobey. They are so meant to be.
The book I’m reading now is The Luxe by Anna Godbersen (Chelsie has suggested it with a lot of enthusiasm) and I’m about 100-something pages in. It’s great. The vocabulary is huge… I’m learning by context clues, lol. Also, the dresses and the men. I can just see what’s in the rest of the book… Elizabeth Holland is so naive. Hopefully I’ll read this and Rumors (and Envy when it comes out) and then I’ll have one of my first series-books I read (I think I read too much stand-alone).
Talking about series, there will be a third and fourth book in the Ruby Oliver series (one of the first series I read) and the next book will be released in 2009 and will be called The Treasure Map of Boys. I loved The Boyfriend List and The Boy Book and I can’t wait for this one.
Also, click here to read Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez’s blog posts about Stephenie Meyer possibly being racist. There’s a couple, just go down a little and start with the first one titled “Is Stephenie Meyer racist?” What do you guys think?
That’s basically it.
Hope you guys have a great week!
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