Young Adult Book Bloggers (8.23.08): What Vanessa Reads: First Edition

August 23, 2008


Young Adult Book Bloggers is a place for young adult book bloggers to give each other blogging tips and recommend great books to read.



Name: Vanessa
Website Name: What Vanessa Reads
Website URL: whatvanessareads.wordpress.com
MySpace URL: myspace.com/whatvanessareads (add me!)


About Me: My name is Vanessa. I’m 15 years old. I’m a sophomore. Obviously I love to read. I also review the books I read at whatvanessareads.wordpress.com. I’ve had two previous book blogs. The first one lasted from Oct 2007 through March 2008 until I forgot my password. The second one (Blawsome Reviews) lasted around a month. Now I have the WordPress one, and am keeping it. I love the smell of bookstores and new books. I wish I had a money tree to buy every book I lay my eyes on. I read 99% YA, 1% adult. I’m more into realistic fiction… coming-of-age, romance, and drama are my main reads. Check out my blog and leave me comments! If you’d like to contact me for anything (from news to just saying hi) e-mail at whatvanessareads@hotmail.com.
Blogging News: Last book reviewed was Aug. 19! I guess I haven’t reviewed any more because school started Wednesday. I took the book I’m reading now (The Luxe) the first day and didn’t get to read it at all. My classes don’t allow me time for leisure reading, sadly. But yeah. I’m reading The Luxe now… it’s so good! I’ve read around 180 pages. I think I haven’t read more because its just one of those books that’s really interesting and I want to savor it. Naturally, The Luxe is next to be reviewed, so wait around for it.
Suggested Topic (what inspired you to start a book blog?): I got into reviewing books for myself. Yeah, I guess that sounds kind of selfish… but it’s the truth! I was getting more and more into books at the time, and I just wanted a way to keep track of what I read, what I liked, and the thoughts that went through my head about the book. However, as time went on I thought more and more how people could benefit (as well as me) with my book reviews. I went on a hiatus where I didn’t feel like reviewing and when I came back I went public. Now my reviews are available for everyone to see :).
I think that’s basically it. Visit my blog, add my MySpace, and keep reading amazing books!
Until next time,
–Cross posted at youngadultbookbloggers.blogspot.com and whatvanessareads.wordpress.com

One comment

  1. Hey there, you wished for a money tree while I wish for a money-printing machine! Haha! I can’t always visit bookstores like Borders, which is my favourite bookstore of all time(!!!) because I’ll be tempted to buy a book or two. I love to buy books and my TBR is just getting higher and higher. Well, can’t be helped! 😀

    Have fun reading!

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