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Young Adult Book Bloggers (9.6.08): What Vanessa Reads (Third Edition)

September 6, 2008


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Hey there!

Here’s what’s going on with me.

Contest News: First and foremost, go join my contest for a copy of I Heart You, You Haunt Me by Lisa Schroeder! 🙂 Click here for rules and comment to enter.

Reading News: In the past week I read The Luxe. Yes, I finally finished it. I’m so proud of myself. Would you like to read the review? Click here. It was so… exceptional and just made me want to get in a car and buy Rumors ASAP. (Which I will buy… eventually.) Right now I’m reading Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin. I think for the amount of pages I’ve read… well I don’t know what to think. You’ll see when my review comes around.

Blogging News: I totally keep forgetting to post on Teen Tuesday, Teaser Tuesday, and Booking Through Thursday. I think I don’t forget YABB because I post on the weekend and when I’m bored on the weekend I remember that today’s the day. I haven’t reviewed a book in a couple of days (like a week) because of school… you already know how that is. I barely have time now, and if I do have time I think I waste it on the computer or watching TV. Maybe I need an amazing book to pick me up off my feet.

Suggested Topic: How do you write your reviews? Well, I started up a new way to write my reviews and people have commented saying they like it. It normally goes like this now: Contains (I write what it deals on… romance, relationships, drama, mystery, fantasy, etc.), Analysis of Book (on each aspect: Characters, Plot, Writing, and Wow Factor) I rate the book from 1-10. So if the characters were amazing they get a 9 or 10, but if the wow factor just wasn’t there then they get a 3 or whatever I feel they deserve. Then goes the Summary (most of the time I write them but for the past 2 reviews I’ve taken Amazon’s). Afterward goes my review which contains no spoilers. This is what you read if you’re thinking about reading the book. Then comes My Thoughts which do contains spoilers and its where I rant, be mad, or glorify a book saying specific events and actions and my thoughts with them. You should read the My Thoughts section if you’ve read the book… if not, its just a way for me to reflect on the material.

Personal News: Well, I’ve been in school since the 20th, so its kind of routine already… wake up, go to school, learn, come home, do homework, go to sleep, wake up, go to school, learn, come home………. Of course, where reading is in all of this routine, well I don’t know. I have to become more organized with my schedule and be like okay from 3pm to 3:20 you shower, from 3:20 to 5 you do homework, from 5 to 7 you read, from 7 to 8 you eat and watch TV… etc. I just don’t have that because I don’t discipline myself if I don’t follow it. I’m really going to try it now. Beginning on Monday. Wait, nevermind. There might NOT be school Monday due to Hurricane Ike. Even though the hurricane seems to want to hit Cuba instead of us, you just never know. So that’s it for me… have a good week!


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