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New E-mail

September 13, 2008

Hi friends,

I’d like you all to know that my e-mail account with Hotmail (whatvanessareads (at) doesn’t like me very much and isn’t receiving e-mail messages being sent. Already two people have told me about this and I don’t want to seem like I am ignoring your e-mail. I always reply! So if you’ve sent me an e-mail and I haven’t replied within 3 days now you know why. Please, please, please if you have anything to tell me readers, fellow book reviewers, and authors don’t send your e-mails to whatvanessareads (at) but to my new account with gmail at:

whatvanessareads (at)


Hopefully this one works good! 

By the way, lots of things are coming up… including book reviews for Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin and Sisters of Misery by Megan Kelley Hall when I’m done reading it (which is SUPER amazing and I’m only halfway). Also, some interviews are coming your way so make sure to tune in for those in the coming days. And last but not least, don’t forget the contest for a marked-up copy of I Heart You, You Haunt Me by Lisa Schroder is still going on until September 30th. 

Till next time!