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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

October 13, 2008

Title: Fahrenheit 451

Author: Ray Bradbury

Rating: ★★★ ½

Number of Pages: 167

Edition: Hardcover

Year: 1953


Contains: Science Fiction, Drama, Relationships, and a little Suspense.



Analysis of Book (1-10 on each aspect):

Characters: 7

Plot: 9

Writing: 6

Wow Factor: 8

Summary : Guy Montag is a fireman of an unset future. In this future firemen don’t extinguish fires, they start them… to burn books. The government is controlling of the people, banning books forever. This future makes everyone happy, because without books people don’t think too hard about about their government. That way they can be fair and keeps out controversy in books… the “bright” readers will no longer shadow the “dumb” non-readers. Montag’s wife Mildred is all about her TV parlor “family” (the walls in this future interact with you and act like your family), even though on the inside she may not be as happy as she seems. Montag meets Clarisse. She is a young girl who likes to touch, smell, and see the world unlike everyone else who is just stuck to their TV parlors. Clarisse opens Montag’s eyes to how interesting ideas in books are. However, for Montag, who is going through a mid-life enlightenment because of books, changing a world adapted to having no such “nonsense” around is a difficult task to overcome. 

My Review (no spoilers): I enjoyed this book. It was really interesting and mind-blowing scary to think into this idea of a world with no books. The science fiction is really light, so people who don’t like science fiction much (like me) won’t detest this book. Fahrenheit 451 is one of those books that makes you think and leaves an impact. At first it may be hard to get into, Bradbury has a tendency to write what he is thinking in his brain, like if he thinks AHHH! he will write AHHH! instead of “Montag yelled”, but give it a little more time and you’ll be liking it a lot more. Montag is an amazing character, risking it all to try to help the people in this mindless world who only care about their TV parlors and have no true democracy see the magic that is in books. Mildred is a slightly annoying character, but you’ll see why if you read the book. Clarisse is kind of like us book-lovers. She sees the great that is brought in books and isn’t shy to tell everyone she meets about it. She’s proud of it, and she’s courageous to show it. The last 3/4 of the book is really the best part. I couldn’t stop reading it and to know what would happen to Montag. The ending isn’t as impacting as I expected it to be, but this is still a great book nonetheless. 

My Thoughts (contains spoilers): First off, there is really a lot of spoilers here so please don’t read it if you haven’t read the book. I really couldn’t believe a lot of the parts in this book. Like for example, I really didn’t like the fact that everyone was so brainwashed… I wanted to yell at them. I expected Beatty to be on Montag’s side! And then when Montag killed him, wow I was in total shock. When Mildred turned Montag in and ran away never to see him again I felt bad for Montag because all his marriage he had been with a woman who did not care for him. He was living a lie all his life and when you are enlightened at an age that is older than 20, it is a shock and hard to come by. Faber was a really important part of the story, but I didn’t like that he was such a coward about everything he did. If you’re going to try to save humanity, at least do it and not back off as a coward. 


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