I’d Love To Know Your Thoughts on Twilight

November 22, 2008

Hi. Happy Twilight Movie Release Date.

I am not a “Twilighter” but I do see the positive Twilight means for Young Adult Literature. So I have quick questions for you if you’d like to fill them out…

1. What did you think of the movie?

2. Why?

3. What was wrong with it?

4. What made it great?

5. How were the actors?The scenes? The directing?

6. How could it have been better?

7. Are you glad you watched it at midnight if you did?

8. What changes in the movie did you like and not like?

9. Team Edward or Team Jacob?


Can’t wait to hear your responses! 
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Have a great end of the day and a great weekend at that. 🙂


  1. Hi!
    1. I really liked it!
    2. It was funnier than I thought it would be and captivating.
    3. The vampire effects are way cheesy, as are the dream and flashback sequences.
    4. The little unexpected jokes and the settings.
    5. Bella and Edward were great, much better than I expected. Emmett is so well casted, as are Rosalie and Alice. Bella’s school friends are really funny. Some of the scenes are overdone and I think the directing could have been better.
    6. More emotion, less cheesiness.
    7. Uh, not really. It was fun and all, but the fangirl screams at every new scene takes away from the movie.
    8. The added in jokes are great, some of the scenes I was expecting weren’t there.
    9. Edward 🙂

  2. Thanks for responding. I’m glad at least at the end you liked it. 🙂

    I’ll watch it when it comes out on HBO. Then I’ll be sure no fangirl can yell in my ear.

  3. 1. What did you think of the movie?
    It was terrible, not even close to the book
    2. Why?
    The actors looked like they were just kids pulled out of school
    3. What was wrong with it?
    That was stated above
    4. What made it great?
    5. How were the actors?The scenes? The directing?
    6. How could it have been better?
    better actors, story line, special effects
    7. Are you glad you watched it at midnight if you did?
    I’m glad I didn’t
    8. What changes in the movie did you like and not like?
    I didn’t like the movie at all

  4. 1. So bad it was awesome.

    2. Overacting, terrible makeup, and some flawed dialogue make for a movie that has a lot to go to even hold a torch to Harry Potter, which it is oft compared to.

    3. (See above.) The hair, makeup, and costuming was laughable. Often, dialogue was taken directly from the book and it did just not translate well. I found myself laughing when I should not have been.

    4. Alice. Emmett. Charlie. Mike Newton. Seeing all our characters come to life. The scenery.

    5. The acting was sub-par, I expected better from Rpattz and Kstew. Some scenes were just so dramatic, they were hilarious. Movie took itself too seriously. I can’t really say, I don’t know much (anything) about directing.

    6. A little more subtlety, pretty please. Less makeup (on Carlisle, at least). A new hairdo for Jasper.

    7. Didn’t watch it at midnight. Saw it opening day, though. Saw it twice, actually.

    8. I liked the added scenes. It was the ripped-from-the-book scenes I disliked.

    9. JACOB.

    I’d pick Mike Newton over Rpattz’s Edward, though.

  5. 1. I like the movie, but honestly, it was stupid.
    2. What can I say, the overeacting, the glittering Edward, the fighting. I was laughing, it was funny.
    3. It was just not like I imagined it.
    4. The weirdness and awkwardness. ^_^
    5. The actors were fine, could be better, but fine. The location is beautiful. The directing was nice.
    6. A lot of things, specially the glittering part, not cool.
    7. Honestly, I would never watch a movie at midnight, except if it were like a very big thing.
    8. They didn’t follow the story completely, nothing happened like it happened in the book, Jake appeared when she arrived to the town. It didn’t follow the scences in the book, either they changed where they happened or when it happened and sometimes both.
    9. Really neither, but Jacob is much than Edward in any aspect. Why isn’t Emmett here??? He’s so awesome. Cuddly like a teddy bear.

    James has a coolio of a jacket.

  6. 1. What did you think of the movie?
    –I actually liked it

    2. Why?
    –Mainly because I didn’t expect it to be this over the top amazing oh my god wonderful every scene will follow the book type of movie. (I have this attitude because I worked at a movie store for 3 years, never gets your hopes up people. A movie turns out way better that way)

    3. What was wrong with it?
    My main complaint was that it was too rushed. (Granted I know the book is super long and there was a low budget) There was hardly any Cullen family time and even Bella’s friends were just there. YOu dont even know how she started really being good friends with them.

    4. What made it great?
    I really enjoyed the cast that they picked out *sighs Jackson Rathbone* & even though some of it was cheesy, I thought the baseball game scene rocked!

    5. How were the actors?The scenes? The directing?
    Very impressed with the cast. I know there are tons of mixed feelings about them. But I will say I was shocked that Kristen Stewart didn’t get on my nerves like I thought she would. The scenes were a little choppy, but were good. Like I said, kind of rushed. The directing wasn’t bad either.

    6. How could it have been better?
    More explaining of things, I mean yes those that read the book know why this or that happened. But yeah…I’m sorry I hate how it was rushed. I’m going to complain about that through this entire survey. Also they cut some scenes out that were on the previews like when Emmett tells Edward “She’s not one of us.”

    7. Are you glad you watched it at midnight if you did?
    I wasn’t able to go to the midnight showing, but I’m going to go see it again tomorrow!

    8. What changes in the movie did you like and not like?
    You can google it
    –that cracked me up. There was more humor in it than I thought. I liked how shy and akward Edward acted. I wish they would have added more scenes like with Bella being in the hosptial and the heart monitor thing going off. Oh and did I mention it was rushed? lol

  7. Thanks so much for answering guys.

    laxbrandon16: I’m so sorry you didn’t like the movie. 😦

    gabbi: Yeah, I also heard they tried to make it so dramatic like that from my friend Fatima and she didn’t like that either… she was laughing the whole time she said.

    Mara: I know what you mean by it was stupid but good. The location truly is beautiful from the trailers I saw.

    Amber: I hate when movies are rushed! My friend Mia said that she thought it was rushed too, that they fell in love in like 30 min (and that’s kind of weird).

    See you guys!

  8. 1. It was fabulous

    2. It followed the book and I enjoyed seeing it.

    3. Nothing…

    4. The actors.

    5. All fabulous.

    6. If there was no noise when he sparkled.

    7. I didn’t but I wish I did.

    8. I loved the baseball scene but the meadow scene wasn’t what I was expecting.

    9. Team Why Can’t I Have Them Both? I can’t pick. Out of the actors? Team Jasper and Jacob. In the book? Team Edward all the way with Jake as a friend.

  9. 1. I thought it was a bit of a let down.

    2. Because it wasn’t as precise as the book was, but I bet it would be hard to get it exactly like the book. I still liked it though, I loved the baseball scene super massive black hole by muse is my fave song;)

    3. Some of my friends think some of the actors weren’t right for their parts. I think because it skipped some parts so I got a bit lost.

    4. The connection between Rob and Kristen.

    5. I think the actors for the Cullen family were the best (Carlise Rocked), some of the not so main ones were not as I thought they would be, based on the book. Most main bits in the book were scenes in the movie, some were even new scenes which was interesting. I think they missed out most of the chapters in the book with Bella falling in love with Edward, that was kinda sad:(

    6. Added more meaning and passion to the movie like they did for the book.

    7. I didn’t but I watched it late at night.

    8. As I said before the baseball scene was my fave aswell as the meadow scene. I didn’t really like the “meeting the family scene”, it was awkward and Edward’s face was embarrassed.

    9. Ummm… probably Jacob. Even though I still love Edward.

  10. 1. What did you think of the movie?
    I was pleasantly surprised and liked it!
    2. Why?
    I was prepared to hate it. But the humor, the chemistry between the leads, the “feel” to the movie seemed spot onl
    3. What was wrong with it?
    Low budget. Wish they had more $$ to work with. Editing seemed a bit choppy at times. Bit cheesy in a few places.
    4. What made it great? Music was good. Chemistry between leads made it great. Thought casting was pretty spot on. The mood of it felt like I had imagined.

    5. How were the actors?The scenes? The directing?
    Actors were better than expected, No emmy’s though. Scenes were okay. Some I could have lived without, others I wish they had included. Directing seemed good.
    6. How could it have been better?
    More budget. Less cheesiness.

    7. Are you glad you watched it at midnight if you did?
    Didn’t. Waited a few days. Stayed away from reviews.
    8. What changes in the movie did you like and not like? Liked more humor. Wording of some things was straight from book and I liked that. Glad they introduced the bad vamps earlier. Wanted to see the blood typing. Did not like the lying in the meadow thing. Cheese! Loved the ending!

    9. Team Edward or Team Jacob?

    Oh Edward!!

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