I Bought 13 Books Today!

December 23, 2008

Christmas came a bit early for me. My mommy and I went to Barnes & Noble today. She bought me a whopping THIRTEEN books. This kind of makes her uh, the best person ever. (Aside from being the best person ever because she’s a great mom.)

Here’s all I bought:

1. I Know It’s Over by C.K Kelley Martin: YAY!!!!!! Everyone’s totally raving and I finally got me a copy!

2. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins: My mom read the back and even she’s interested in it.


3. Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott: I think my love for Elizabeth Scott books is understandable… she’s amazing.


4. Before I Die by Jenny Downham: I’ve been eyeing this one, just never bought it. I saw a review on a fellow blogger’s blog and can’t remember which one. I was encouraged to get it by them.


5. A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray: I’ve been wanting this one… it looks really good.


6. Cracked Up To Be by Courtney Summers: Have you seen all of the reviews for this one?


7. In Your Room by Jordanna Fraiberg: I just want to read a good love story. I think this will do the trick.


8. Looking for Alaska by John Green: This is like everybody’s favorite book. And I love me some John Green.


9. Just Like That by Marsha Qualey: This wasn’t originally on my list but it caught my eye. The plot looks intriguing and the cover is beautiful. 


10-13. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series by Ann Brashares: I was really hoping for this. Everyone has read it and I haven’t!



Lucky, eh? See you guys!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. 🙂


  1. Lucky you! Aren’t moms the best? When mine comes in a few days, she’s taking me book shopping, but I won’t get as many as you. Vanessa’s mom deserves a BIG yay (that’s my new favorite word)!!!

    Your list is awesome! Should keep you busy for awhile!!!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Before I Die, A Great And Terrible Beauty, and Looking for Alaska are AMAZING!

    Lexi ❤

  3. Yay! Lucky you! All those books look really well, but for me, I couldn’t get into Before I Die and I tried Just Like That but was not impressed by it at all, But a lot of those books are good. What’s your first read?

  4. Lucky! I would love to read atleast half of those books! Okay well 4 out of 13, but still. Unfortunately, in the town I live in there is no B&N. ):

    I recently read The Hunger Games and reviewed it! It’s pretty good! I’ve also read the Sisterhood books and Before I Die, but those I read before I started my blog.

  5. Be sure to read the two books that go along with A Great and Terrible Beauty — I thought it by itself sort of dragged along, but I read the following two right after it and they rounded out the trilogy quite nicely. It felt like the author really got into the groove of her characters a bit more with each book.

    And “yay!!” for moms who feed the love for books. I’m 43 and my mom still loves to buy me books that are on my wish list =)

    Happy Holidays.

  6. Awesome List. I haven’t read Cracked Up to Be or Just Like That. The rest are amazing.

  7. Oh wow, you definitely good some quality books there! Enjoy them!!!

  8. Shalonda: Moms are the bomb! If my kids like to read (which they better) I’ll definitely take them over to buy tons of books! This will keep me busy… which means more reviews, hehe. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too.

    Lexi: I’m glad you liked those because I’m truly expecting the best!

    Kelsey: That sucks that you didn’t like those two books. I’ll give them a try. First on my list is finishing Skeleton Creek. Then probably either The Hunger Games or Cracked Up To Be.

    Rima: That sucks so much! I wish I could share my B&Ns with you. 😦 I’m glad you liked Hunger Games… I’m going to go check your review.

    Glenda: Okie, sure thing. I will give the whole series a shot. The last book looks kind of intimidating… but I can do it. I hope my mom keeps buying me books when I’m even 60! Hehe. 🙂

    Sarah: You read quite a lot more than me. I’m glad you liked them all. Hopefully you can read the other two you haven’t soon. I hear Cracked Up To Be is mesmerizing.

    Alea: Thanks, I definitely will. 🙂

  9. Yay for book shopping! Enjoy your books and happy holidays!

  10. Wow, what a mom!


  11. Oooh Just Like That looks good. I just put Before I Die on my blog (koriannespeaks.blogspot.com) as my TBR book for Tuesday. It just sounds and looks awesome, I just keep putting it back in the pile. I can’t wait to see your review so I can push myself to read it! Also would you mind adding my blog to your blogroll? Thanks.

  12. Em- Thanks! I definitely will.

    Kimberley Giffiths Little- What an awesome mom, also. Merry Christmas to you too!

    Korianne- Before I Die does sound good and has a beautiful cover. Hopefully you get to it soon! And yes I’d love to add you on my blogroll. Thanks for asking and for adding me on yours. 🙂

  13. Your mom sounds great!

    I bought 5 books yesterday!!! Buying books is so much fun!!! And I barely spent any of my own money because my best friend gave me a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card! I got Revealers by Amanda Marrone, Blue Noon (Midnighters) by Scott Westerfeld, Betwixt by Tara Bray Smith, Ruler of the Realm by Herbie Brennan, and The Hound of Rowan (The Tapestry) by Henry H. Neff.

  14. The Hunger Games is a fantastic book!
    Would you mind doing a link exchange?

  15. Paradox- I know! I love to buy books. It’s an addiction. So nice of your friend to give you the $25 gift card. 🙂

    The Book Obsession: We’ll see when I get around to it… it promises to be very good. And of course I’d do a link exchange. Can you add me on yours also?

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