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Girl vs. Bear: Stories from the 80s by Lisa Kerr

January 8, 2009

 Title: Girl vs. Bear: Stories from the 80s

 Author: Lisa Kerr

 Edition: Paperback

 Number of Pages: 114

 Grade: B+


 Contains: Coming-of age, Short Stories, Romance, Relationships, Drama.


Analysis of Book (1-10 on each aspect):

Writing: 9

Plot: This book is made up of short stories, overall- 8.

Characters: 9

Wow: 9


Summary (from These provocative short stories follow a series of teenage heroines coming of age in the 1980’s—a decade full of big hair, make-out parties, material girls, and radical surfers. The young women here grapple with the mysteries of young love, sex, death, and parents. With humor and generosity, Kerr investigates what it means to be an adolescent girl as her protagonists face down bad reputations, drunken perverts, fistfights and, of course, killer bears.

Review: This book was a great look at life in the 80s. Lisa Kerr truly knows what she’s writing about. My favorite story was Knife Fights which is about a girl who’s best friend is both her friend and her rival. All of the stories described important subjects which are relevant for the time era and even now like friends, rivals, boys, and music. They really got down to the detail of touch, smell, sight, which made me feel like I was right there watching it unfold in front of me. The stories had strong and very relatable characters. Girl vs. Bear is mostly written in second-person, using “you”. It is normally not used in books, and Lisa Kerr knew how to use it well. I cannot wait for her to publish again, short stories or chapter books. You really need to get your hands on this.    

Wait around for an interview with Lisa Kerr… she’s really down-to-earth and interesting, I promise!