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When It Happens by Susane Colasanti

August 19, 2008

Title: When It Happens

Author: Susane Colasanti

Rating: ★★★★ ½

Number of Pages: 310

Edition: Paperback

Summary: Seniors Tobey and Sara have different goals. Tobey, a known slacker, wants to become famous for his music with his band. Sara, smart and pretty, wants to get into her first-choice college: NYU. Tobey and Sara both have great friends: Mike and Josh, and Laila and Maggie, respectively. But that’s definitely not all they have in common. They are both looking for “something real” in the love department. Sara wants Dave, whom she has been waiting to call her all summer. Dave, popular and gorgeous, seems very interested in her. Tobey, on the other hand, has had his eyes on Sara for a while and will do anything to make her understand they are meant to be. Over time, everything falls into place for Tobey and Sara. And it’s definitely “something real”.


My Review (spoiler-free): Ah, this is such an outstanding book. I love love stories like this. This is a real love story (not like Twilight, in my opinion…). I love how it’s told in alternating points of view (Sara and Tobey’s). Susane Colasanti writes very well, I totally could connect with the characters’s problems and insecurities. It’s like she’s one of us. It’s amazing. I do have some tiny complaints (I did not rate it five stars as you can see): sometimes I got lost while there was dialogue between Mike, Josh, and Tobey or Maggie, Laila, and Sara. It’s like I didn’t know who was saying what. Also, Maggie and Laila were hard to differentiate (even though it should have been easy) because they talk alike. I love Tobey for Sara. He’s cute, witty, musical, and laid-back. Sara is very much like me and I liked her as a character. I laughed a lot of times while reading. This book is not all happy-feeling. There are parts where it wasn’t all lovey-dovey and serious matters were faced. I hardly read books where the characters are 18-ish. I definitely want to read more. When I finished, I wanted more. In the end, I loved loved loved this book. You should most definitely pick this one up; I promise it won’t disappoint.


My Thoughts (read this if you’ve read the book, it contains spoilers): Yay, spoilers! I thought Dave was such a bleep. He was trying to sleep with Sara… it was so annoying! And he’s a virgin; it was hilarious. What he did while Tobey was playing Battle of the Bands was irritating as well. He’s just mad Sara left him for a better guy like Tobey. I feel bad for Sara and her relationship with her mom. I also feel bad about Maggie and what happened with her parents. I understand why Sara got mad about Cynthia being Tobey’s first time and it was so adorable how he got her back by doing the boom box scene! It was so wow how they had literally everything in common. They were so meant to be. I wonder what happens to them after the book, when they go to college. I want to read Susane Colasanti’s other book,Take Me There.


Sorry it’s a little late… I finished it before last night but couldn’t get on because Tropical Storm Fay kicked off my internet.

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Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott

August 14, 2008

Title: Perfect You

Author: Elizabeth Scott
Released: March 2008
Rating: ★★★★ out of 5.
Number of Pages: 282
Edition: Paperback
Summary: Kate Brown’s life is spiraling out of control. First, her dad quit his job to sell Perfect You vitamins and now she has to work at the mall. Her best friend Anna, became popular and now acts like Kate doesn’t exist to hang out with her new friends. Kate’s brother is 23 and his job is crashing the couch. And, even though Kate will not admit it, she can’t stop thinking about Will. Will, who is so cute, but also has hooked up with almost everyone in their school. Kate thinks Will is just messing with her mind. Kate’s life is nothing like it was the year before and she wishes she could go back in time to when everything was alright. However, she can’t. Kate keeps expecting the worse out of life, and guess what? That’s what she’s getting… unless she changes it.
My Review (spoiler-free): Heartwarming, lamentable, and a good read. The beginning was amazing. The ending was amazing… like utterly amazing. Part of the middle wasn’t 100% amazing. This book is about friendships: I felt really sad every time Kate tried to talk to Anna and she’d notice that Anna was trying not to be seen with her. It must hurt very much to be losing a friend, especially a best friend that you’ve been talking to since grade school. This book is about love: I loved Will and Kate’s way of flirting… Kate tries to act like she doesn’t care when in her mind she’s dying to kiss him. I wish they got more scenes together in the book, though. This book is about families too: Kate’s mom and dad really made everything so much more unbelievable and dramatic in Kate’s life (wow, Kate’s dad is embarrassing). I loved Todd’s character, he’s so lazy and laid-back but has good advice. Grandma seems like the most immature of all the characters but still I think she holds the fort down. I do recommend this book, despite this, I still liked Bloom better.
My Thoughts (read this if you’ve read the book, it contains spoilers): I can’t believe parts of this book. First, I was so mad at Anna most of the book. How does she like being popular when Sam is cheating on her and Diane and Tara are annoying? It made me think how great it is to not be popular. Kate is really strong. She went through a lot in the book. The ending… wow I felt aghast. I can’t believe Kate’s mom and dad separated, it was just such a shocker and made this book much less light. I really liked her dad in the beginning, but he did choose Perfect You over them… what’s up with that? The only thing that came out of good in this book is Will and Kate. I loved their chemistry and how Will was going through some of the same things Kate was. I wish there could’ve been more of them in the book. They got 20,000 make-out sessions and only one real talk. I thought it would’ve been a more love-book, instead of a family and friend-drama + the boy stuff. But it was still a good read. Can’t wait to read Stealing Heaven!
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Lost It by Kristen Tracy

August 10, 2008

Title: Lost It

Author: Kristen Tracy
Released: January 2007.
Number of Pages: 276.
Edition: Paperback.
Rating: 4 ½ out of 5.
It was: awesome!
Summary: Tess Whistle lives in boring Idaho. However, this year as she enters high school as a junior everything is spiraling out of control. Tess’s best friend Zena is building a bomb and planning on blowing up a poodle… seriously. Tess’s mom and dad are “born-again” when taking a course at a survival camp in the middle of nowhere. Also, Tess’s grandma begins being her primary caregiver, and she’s kind-of-not-normal… I mean, she bought Tess sexy underwear. Grandmas don’t normally do that, do they? The only thing that Tess is liking during this bizarre time is her time with Ben. Benjamin Easter and his great-looking butt have become necessary for Tess. With her first real boyfriend, she is getting more and more serious with physically, Tess will wonder through unknown territory. Can she handle it? Or will she lose it?
My Thoughts (may contain spoilers): Tess is a super cool character, first of all. She is so out there and so free-spirited. I loved the capuchin monkey idea she uses with Ben in the book. Tess’s grandma is really cool, my grandma is most definitely not like that. I didn’t like Tess’s parents. The physical part of the book is good because seldom books go through it so well-written. No curse words, no disrespect. I truly felt that Tess and Ben’s relationship was true love. I really wish Tess wouldn’t have told that lie. Zena was very wise at the end, you can tell she grew when she was taken to her aunt’s house. I wonder what happened at the end of the book… it was such a cliffhanger. I loved the book, no doubt. I recommend it. 

Violet on the Runway by Melissa Walker

August 8, 2008

Title: Violet on the Runway

Author: Melissa Walker
Released: September 2007.
Number of Pages: 220.
Edition: Paperback.
Rating: 4 out of 5.
Extra information: Series: Sequels- Violet by Design, Violet in Private.
Summary: Violet Greenfield has been known as the Jolly Green Giant since grade school, standing at 6’1″ and being only 17. For that reason, she doesn’t like to attract attention (which is really hard to do at that height) although she’s always craved popularity. Nobody really knows who she is except for her two best friends Julie and Roger, who are really important to her. However, one day while working at the movie theatre, her life changes. She has been given the opportunity to become a model on the runway. And guess what? She’s decided on going. Now she has an agent, Angela Blythe, and she walks for Tryst Models. Violet is put on a plane for the capital of the world in New York City for Fashion Week, she goes to go-sees, and she poses in photo-shoots. All the while, she’s barely returning her parent’s and friends calls. Violet comes to find that modeling is not as glamorous as everyone makes it out to be. She is talked about in photo-shoots as though she’s deaf (“what’s wrong with her arms, they’re doughy?”, the boy she finds doesn’t really care about her, and her roommate Veronica Trask is the roommate from hell. The modeling world is nothing like she expected it to be.
My Thoughts (may contain spoilers): This book was cute, light, and entertaining. I am not much for a novel about the cool things models partake in but this book was completely the opposite. Melissa Walker’s way of writing Violet is great because Violet sounds like a down-to-earth girl-next-door. The story flowed very well, it didn’t drag one bit. I loved all the adventures Violet got involved in. It was realistic when she started drinking but I’m glad she stayed away from drugs. I did not like Peter and got annoyed with Angela often, but I guess that’s how their characters are meant to be. I think Veronica and Violet’s relationship was kind of rocky. The only complain I have about the book is the ending… the prom bit was just a bit too corny for my taste. All in all, I will pick up the next copy of the Violet series, Violet by Design.

Hot Mess: Summer in the City by Julie Kraut and Shallon Lester

July 24, 2008

Title: Hot Mess: Summer in the City

Author: Julie Kraut & Shallon Lester
Number of Pages: 336, paperback.
Released: ’08.
Rating: 4 out of 5.
It was: AWESOME.
The perfect: summer read.
Summary: Emma Freeman has her summer planned out. She’s going to lifeguard with her boyfriend. This doesn’t stay the plan due to her boyfriend’s lack of faith when he goes to his college orientation, another girl answers his phone. Now Emma has to switch plans, taking the summer internship her dad had been nudging at her for a while. She takes her best friend, Rachel, along and they head to the city. As in… New York City. They must find a place to stay for 2 months and end up living with Jayla, a super glam girl who’s probably kissed more A-Listers than you can think of. However, Emma’s job is not so glam. Her boss, Derek Dorfman, is a nightmare. He recites 90s rap songs and asks Emma things like “are you sad because you don’t have a boyfriend?” even though he doesn’t know anything about her life. Out of this, Rachel thinks of the idea that she should write a book about her crazy boss. No summer read is finished without some love, so Emma meets a guy at a club named Colin who she ends up lying to for a long while about her age and her job (she really has no actual job, she’s an intern). This summer isn’t coming out to be what she planned, becoming a hot mess… but in its own way its everything she wanted it to be.
My Thoughts (may contain spoilers): Such a cute summer read. I really liked it a lot and couldn’t stop readin–on the subway, bus, my mom’s apartment. I really liked Colin and didn’t like how Emma lied to him. It was funny, mostly. I’m not easily made to laugh from a book but it got me more than twice. Derek Dorfman wasn’t that incredibly funny. Whenever Emma told her stories to Rachel and Jayla I didn’t think they were that book-worthy. Jayla was great, even though she was a little over-dramatic with the Carter thing. I’m glad for Jake. I think Rachel got annoying… with all her JDates and stuff. I liked the ending… it was nice that she got something out of the summer. Again, cute, light, summer read.


The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart

July 9, 2008

Title: The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks

Author: E. Lockhart
Number of Pages: 342
Released: ’08
Subject(s): Drama
It took me: 3 days
Rating: 4 ½ out of 5
Summary: Frankie Landau-Banks has always just been Bunny Rabbit. Known as harmless and adorable to the people around her. She attends Alabaster, a boarding school that her dad thinks more of a way of making connections for after you graduate rather than for its magnificent education system. Frankie comes back for her sophomore year a new woman… she is prettier and has grown boobs. Of course, big man on campus Matthew Livingston notices this when he stumbles on her having fallen over her bike. They begin a relationship. But this relationship is not ordinary. Matthew is keeping secrets from her. The loyalty he has with the Loyal Order of the Basset Hounds is greater than a 2-month-old relationship. Since Matthew doesn’t seem to want to tell Frankie about this secret society, Frankie tries to find out herself. And what she does after that is more than any other Basset has ever done (which have all been males, by the way). Frankie has always been underestimated and in this way she thinks to prove to everybody what she is capable of. However, what happens when things get more complicated?
My Thoughts (may contain spoilers): Great book! I mean, it took me around 60 or 70 pages to really get into it. But then on it was nonstop action. It made me laugh (once) even though it’s not supposed to. I really didn’t like Matthew much. He was so ugh, acting as though he didn’t remember her from freshman year, etc. I wished something happened with Alpha. However, this book kept me on the edge of my seat as I was reading. Frankie is really something and I admire her character. I think I’ll start using neglected positives from now on, haha.

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

July 7, 2008

Title: Thirteen Reasons Why

Author: Jay Asher
Number of Pages: 288.   

Subject(s): Drama
Released: ’07.
Rating: 4 ½ out of 5.
It was: awesome.
Summary: Clay has just received cassettes that tell the story of his used-to-be crush’s life, Hannah, who committed suicide. She explains her thirteen reasons to end her life and Clay (as well as the other 12 people) have to hear them. Throughout the stories, the 13 people will learn what really happened and everything Hannah has been through.

My Thoughts:
Hannah was amazingly well written. I understood everything she said. Clay got kind of annoying because he kept thinking in his mind as he was hearing the tapes. The ending is good. Mr. Porter made me angry, what kind of counselor speaks like that? It was intriguing. It got more and more serious as the book went on because at first I was like why would you kill yourself for that? I liked how everything was interconnected (if this happens, then it causes this). It was a great book. Go read it now!

What Happened To Cass McBride? by Gail Giles

January 7, 2008

Title: What Happened To Cass McBride?

Author: Gail Giles

Number of Pages: 211 (small, though).

Rating: 3 ½ out of 5.
It was: blawsome.
Cass McBride, 17, girl, popular– has a problem. She has been taken from her home and ultimately been buried alive. Underground… in a crate grave. She has a tube to let her breath and a walkie-talkie taped to her hand. She is in that grave because according to Kyle Kirby, she needs to pay for the suicide his brother committed that he thinks she is the cause for. David Kirby hung himself a day after he found a note, by mistake, that Cass left behind for her friend saying he was gay, low in the food chain, etc. Kyle “tortures” Cass by keeping her down there. Cass decides what to do to get out. She will use what she knows can get her places–her mouth. She and Kyle start talking. And she knows how to do it well to a point where he cracks and loses control. He talks about how his mom was always yelling at David and him, mostly David because he looked like their dad who is never around anymore. Mrs. Kirby is not a happy lady apparently, and she’s very mean to her sons. Cass makes it clear that that’s why David killed himself and manages to get some water from Kyle.   

Ben is a detective assigned to the case. He digs down through Cass’ history. She knows how to get what she wants, very determined, she got that from her dad. Her mom lives in another state and they don’t talk. Cass’s boyfriend isn’t really her boyfriend, just a way for her to get more votes for Homecoming queen. Her best friend is just there. Cass makes other people feel bad to make her feel good, she reveals. Anyhow, this is a good book. Its so easy to read and straight to the point. It’s told in three different points of view.
Lots of family drama…. good.